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Integrity and honesty are our main values in all our business processes and relationships. We act accordingly in our relations with our employees and all our stakeholders.
We ensure that our employees use their rights fully and correctly. We approach our employees honestly and fairly, and we are committed to a safe and healthy working environment where there is no discrimination.
Our human resources policies are determined by our strategic plans and human values.
- We always protect the rights and interests of our employees. 
- We always fulfill our duties and responsibilities in the best way. 
- We provide equal opportunities to our employees.
- We are solution-oriented and we do not reflect the problems on ouremployees.
- We have team spirit to achieve the right results.
- We always support our employees to receive the necessary training to improve themselves individually or corporately.
In the recruitment process, applications are carefully evaluated to place the right candidates for the right position. After evaluations such
as competency-based interviews and case studies, the candidate who is found suitable for the position is offered a job. 

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