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   1996- Multipak Ambalaj establishes as a Limited Liability Corporation. 
   2006- Located in Yazıbaşı, İzmir, the facility is modernized as an open area of 8000 square meters and
   a closed area of 8500 square meters.
   2007- Becomes the first "Nordic Swan Ecolabel" certified company in Turkey.
   2008- Begins exporting products to all of Europe, especially to Scandinavian countries.
   2010- Entitled to receive the internationally valid "BSCI Social Compliance Certificate" and applies
   its requirements to the finest detail
   2019- Becomes “Inc.” & grows bigger.
   2021- A Milestone for Multipak; becomes the first company in Turkey that qualified for receiving
  "BRCS Consumer Products Certification" with a degree of "A".
   2022- Becomes the industry leader within Europe in the production of "plastic-free" plates and cups.



About Us

Being of the three largest companies in Europe in the industry, Multipak 
offers innovative solutions on enviro-friendly

packaging solutions in Europe. Along with the industrial experience, it has been operating since 2007 as Turkey's first Nordic Swan Ecolabel-certified company.
Multipak produces innovative products that are highly demanded by the industry such as paper-ba
sed plates, cups, cupcakes, lunch boxes, and menu boxes. 
At Multipak, it is our main philosophy to keep customer satisfaction on top priority by producing goods that are completely food-safe and enviro-friendly.



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Environmentally friendly product; It does not harm nature with all production stages that do not harm living things and nature, does not contain chemicals, does not contain any additives harmful to nature or human health, is produced with the least possible energy, takes care to protect natural resources, biodegradable, compostable and recyclable products. These products do not harm the nature, they protect the energy and natural resources of our planet. VEDI TUTTI I BLOG